My Book

My book is titled FullStack FastAPI, React and MongoDB and it is available for pre-order on Amazon and on Packt Publishing. The book even has its own website:

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide to MongoDB or React - two mainstream technologies that have been around for some time, the book has another protagonist - FastAPI, a relatively young, but already mature and battle tested Python-based asynchronous framework for building applications.

The book takes a practical approach and tries to introduce the parts of the stack in a simple and straightforward way, while gradually presenting features - MongoDB queries, drivers, simple React Hooks, the FastAPI way of performing standard and not-so-standard web development tasks.

This book is aimed at web developers and analysts who desire to include the power of a modern asynchronous Python framework, a flexible data store and a powerful UI library mixed with the combination of two of the most important programming languages today into their web developers toolkit. The book would also prove useful for various beginners in the field of information presentation. The book requires a beginner-level understanding of Python and JavaScript programming, HTML and CSS. /, 2022