Indie Fullstack Web Development Data Science.

A selection of my latest projects: websites, apps, visualizations or data related work.

NFL Data Visualization

Huge success! My visualization went viral. What NFL or CFL team do you want to be a fan of?

COVID 19 Visualization

A simple, yet informative, visualization of the COVID 19 spread.

Serbia: Foreign Trade Data Visualized

Visually exploring foreign trade data. An interesting journey.

Visualizing Basketball Data

Basketball! Visualization of the FIBA 2019 World Cup Data.

Node.js Web Scraping

A short-n-sweet node.js-based web scraper.

Flask Newsletter

A simple flask-based newsletter authoring system.

Simple Express.js site

Sweet and short small business web site and gallery.

A selection of articles, ramblings, code snippets and similar.

Building a Data Driven Web App

This post will be a kind of a scratchpad where I try to draw and describe the goal and the steps necessary to build a data driven visualization web app. I have in mind two completely unrelated datasets, but datasets that I am kind of comfortable with which I feel is important.

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