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Hello! My name is Marko Aleksendrić and I am the author of the book Full Stack FastAPI, React, and MongoDB. I am a graduate of the University of Belgrade, Serbia, with a PhD and also a Master’s degree in Control Engineering. I am a self-taught full-stack developer and former scientist and I work as an analyst in a trade promotion agency.

I started my programming journey with Visual Basic and Fortran 77 for numeric simulations. Upon discovering Python (version 2.3), I started using it for all kinds of automation tasks: building reporting pipelines and exporting measurement data from instruments into Excel or similar user friendly or unfriendly reporting tools. Nowadays, I split my time between consulting and analytics, full-stack web development, and data visualization - D3.js, Streamlit, Plotly Dash.

My interests include web development, data science, JAM stack technologies and data visualization and I have more than 20 years of experience with Python and the WWW - including but not limited to Django, Flask, Next.js, Express.js, Bottle.py, CherryPy, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, Keras and so on...

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